44 percent of investors expect Bitcoin to close the year below $30,000

Throughout all of Bitcoin’s historical rises and falls, investors have tried and failed to use traditional indicators to make sense of highly volatile trends.

CNBC recently surveyed a group of portfolio managers and equity strategists to understand how the fintech community feels about Bitcoin. “Where will Bitcoin be at the end of the year?” Participants who answered the question gave answers like:

“44 percent of respondents think Bitcoin will remain flat and below $30,000 for the rest of the year. Others see the situation more positively.”

Of the remaining 56 percent, 25 percent think Bitcoin will be above $45,000, while 25 percent think it will be above $55,000. A small 6 percent believe that Bitcoin can rise above $ 60 thousand again, approaching the record level reached in April 2021.

As this type of research represents only a small fraction and in no way reflects the opinion of all investors, it is not recommended that readers make investment decisions based on such research.

The decline of Bitcoin to $ 29 thousand shook the confidence of investors. However, many expert investors expect Bitcoin, which has recovered and rose to $ 32 thousand again, to continue its bull market.

Some experts think that cryptocurrencies will also take advantage of weakening national currencies around the world.

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