The photo that inspired Dogecoin found a buyer for $ 4 million

Dogecoin gained significant attention with its rapid price increase in 2021. A person who wants to profit from this popularity sold the image inspired by Dogecoin (DOGE) as NFT.

NFT’s description, sold on, says, “The original image that started it all. The photo of this Shiba Inu dog ‘Kabosu’ was taken by owner Atsuko Sato on February 13, 2010,” it stated:

“This photo, which is one of the photos that Atsuko Sato shared on her personal blog under the caption ‘I’m going for a walk with Kabosu-chan’, was the photo that started the Doge joke and has been circulating on the internet ever since. There is no more iconic photograph than this.”

NFT was created on May 31 by a user named @kabosumama. The first bid of 6.5 Ether (ETH) arrived on June 8. The auction then picked up speed and on June 11, the bids won 1,696 ETH. The value of this amount is more than 4 million dollars at the time of translation publication.

Dogecoin, which showed a serious increase in value in 2021, rose to $ 0.70 during the year. However, the cryptocurrency declined along with the overall market and fell to $0.31 as of the time of translation.

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