Ethereum mining with Norton360 antivirus software

Cybersecurity firm NortonLifeLock has announced a tool called Norton Crypto, which allows users to “safely” mine cryptocurrencies with the Norton 360 product.

From June 3, designated Norton 360 users will be invited to participate in the early-stage Ethereum mining program. Norton also plans to open its mining service to all of its approximately 13 million users in the coming months. Norton emphasized that its service allows users to mine without having to turn off their antivirus software.

Speaking to CNN Business, Norton officials stated that they plan to support the mining of different cryptocurrencies with the highest income potential in the future:

“As a company, we will focus on helping customers mine Ethereum securely. NortonLifeLock is considering adding many reputable cryptocurrencies in the future.”

NortonLifeLock product manager Vincent Pilette said they are proud to be the first cybersecurity company to offer services that enable “computers to turn their idle time into an opportunity to earn digital money safely and easily.”

Norton claims to offer superior security features in addition to existing mining protocols:

“For years, many cryptocurrency miners have had to take risks. To mine cryptocurrencies, they have disabled their security and inserted unreviewed code into their devices, even unknowingly planting ransomware on their systems.”

To help mitigate the alleged risks, Norton states that miners using its product will generate revenue through Norton’s cloud-based wallet, and there is no risk of the wallet being lost due to hard disk failure.

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