“Elon Musk is not fit to lead the ‘green Bitcoin’ debate”

Nic Carter of Castle Island Ventures doesn’t think Elon Musk is the right person to lead the “clean Bitcoin” debate, at least according to the Bitcoin community.

“Bitcoin users still have intense suspicion of Musk,” Carter told Bloomberg.

On the other hand, referring to the newly formed Bitcoin Mining Council, Carter emphasized that the request from Bitcoin miners to be more transparent about their energy use is a positive proposition regardless of who comes from it.

Carter said that Bitcoin is a decentralized and synthetic commodity that is extremely resistant to regulation. If you ban Bitcoin in one country, the hash rate may shift to a new country. Even if it is banned by individual countries, countries that take a friendly stance will never end.

Carter stated that instead of banning Bitcoin for energy consumption, lawmakers should create green energy networks for Bitcoin mining.

North American Bitocin miners use cleaner energy than most other industrial electricity consumers. Carter therefore believes that miners being more transparent about the type of energy they use will clear them.

Carter also doesn’t seem to believe the rhetoric that Bitcoin is used for money laundering. Stating that all monetary systems can always be involved in crime, Carter said that the dollar is used much more widely in illegal works compared to Bitcoin.

“We didn’t ban dollars just because Pablo Escobar was holding a bundle of dollars in his basement.”

The Bitcoin Mining Council was formed as a result of a meeting organized by MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor between Elon Musk and North American Bitcoin miners. Council, According to Saylor’s statement will promote the use of transparent energy and increase sustainable initiatives around the world.

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