Legendary investor Ray Dalio: “I prefer Bitcoin to bonds”

Billionaire investor and famous hedge fund manager Ray Dalio said he would prefer BTC to bonds during an interview at the crypto conference Consensus.

Speaking in an interview published Monday, on May 6, Bridgewater Associates CIO suggested that Bitcoin is a superior tool for savings over government or corporate bonds:

“As you invest in Bitcoin, you can say ‘I would rather have Bitcoin than Bonds’. I personally prefer Bitcoin to bonds. “

Dalio added that all the crypto savings made have reduced governments’ control over the capital of ordinary people.

On the other hand, Dalio said that although he emphasized the benefits of investing in BTC, the biggest risk facing cryptocurrencies is its “success”. The investor thinks that the recent growing popularity and performance of crypto assets could mobilize governments looking to block the industry.

“One of my biggest concerns is that the government has the capacity to control Bitcoin and other digital currencies. They are aware of what position they are and what they are.”

Dalio added that in the 1930s, the United States sought to prohibit its citizens from owning or buying or selling gold, as a competing threat to government bonds was seen.

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