Turkey is at the top with the USA and Germany in Ethereum searches!

Analysis of Ether (ETH) exploration data revealed that the United States was the country of greatest interest. The USA is followed by Germany and Turkey.

In the report reported by Finbold and prepared by Invezz.com, it was stated that 1,116,000 “Ether” searches were made in a month within the borders of the United States of America. Excluding searches in the chemistry field due to name similarity, it means that about 36,000 searches are made each day for the number two cryptocurrency.

Germany and Turkey follow the USA by 736 thousand 300 and 408 thousand 500 searches per month, respectively. Among the top three, Germany hosts the most Ether calls per person, with 9.46 calls per thousand internet users compared to 3.57 in the US.

Ranking 12th on the list, Switzerland achieved the highest search density with 11.79 searches per thousand internet users. The UK ranked 6th on the list with 230,000 monthly searches, equivalent to 3.53 searches per thousand people. As can be guessed, the highest density came from Western countries where internet access is most prevalent.

Google Trends data shows that there has been a significant increase in the number of Ethereum Google queries since the beginning of 2021, with searches reaching an all-time high to date. The price of Ether has increased close to 400 percent since January alone, from $ 700 to its current value of $ 3,460. As Ethereum’s value against the dollar increased, so did its overall dominance in the cryptocurrency market. Ether represented about 20 percent of the global cryptocurrency market in early May.

A recent report revealed that Ethereum investment products were booming, even though the ETH price fell almost 25 percent from its all-time high. Ethereum transaction fees also fell 71 percent after the last peak it saw.

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