Microsoft quietly shuts down Azure blockchain service

Microsoft announced that it will end its enterprise Azure Blockchain Service solution as of September 10.

Major corporate customers using the Azure Blockchain service included JP Morgan, GE Aviation, Singapore Airlines, Starbucks, and Xbox.

The announcement was made on the official Microsoft site, and information was provided on all existing customers to switch to alternative services. ConsenSys Quorum Blockchain Service attracted attention as the only suggestion in this field, while Joseph Lubin, the founder and CEO of ConsenSys, responded to those who will migrate from the Azure service as follows:

“We are expanding our relationship with Microsoft. We are thus helping organizations to offer blockchain services that can be installed, deployed and managed at an enterprise level effortlessly, leveraging ConsenSys Quorum and Quorum customer support.

On May 12, Azure developer Tom Kerhove announced the closing process with a Twitter post.

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