Statement About Security Violation Claims From BtcTurk • Coinexc

Various claims have been made on social media regarding the crypto money exchange BtcTurk. According to the share of an anonymous user, it was stated that various information of BtcTurk users was leaked.

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Information such as e-mail accounts, residence addresses, etc. allegedly belonging to BtcTurk users emerged in the anonymously shared posts.

BtcTurk has published a statement on the subject on their Twitter account:

Dear users, There are no unusual situations in our systems. Our information security and software teams review all suggestions and notifications from you 24/7, @BtcTurkDestek His team continues to answer all your questions. On social media and some websites #BtcTurk The necessary legal process will be initiated against the information sharing that does not reflect the truth about it and it will be followed meticulously. As usual #Bitcoin and you can safely perform your cryptocurrency transactions.

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