How much was inflation in April? By – According to official data from TURKSTAT, it rose to 17.14% in April, up 1.68% month on month. This level was the highest level after May 2019, while the CPI was 18.71% in May 2019.

On the other hand, it rose to 35.17% with a monthly increase in April, reaching the peak after November 2018, and the shear between PPI and CPI reached the peak of about 2.5 years.

On the CPI side;

The other main groups where the increase was low compared to the same month of the previous year were communication with 9.05%, education with 10.21% and clothing and footwear with 11.03%, respectively. On the other hand, the main groups with higher increases compared to the same month of the previous year were transportation with 29.31%, household goods with 22.27% and health with 19.20%, respectively.

In terms of main expenditure groups, the other main group that decreased in April 2021 was household goods with 0.03%. The other main groups that showed the least increase were health with 0.56% and alcoholic beverages and tobacco with 0.73%. On the other hand, the groups with high increases in April 2021 were clothing and footwear with 7.57%, food and non-alcoholic beverages with 2.13%, and education with 2.09%, respectively.

In April 2021, the average price of 92 items out of 415 items covered in the index decreased, while the average price of 42 items remained unchanged. There was an increase in the average price of 281 items.


Annual changes of the four sectors of the industry; 27.07% in mining and quarrying, 38.11% in manufacturing, 4.50% in electricity and gas production and distribution, and 28.32% in water supply.

Annual changes of the main industrial groups; 42.59% in intermediate goods, 29.24% in durable consumer goods, 24.97% in nondurable consumer goods, 38.64% in energy and 27.24% in capital goods.

Monthly changes of the four sectors of the industry; An increase of 5.02% in mining and quarrying, 4.55% in manufacturing, 2.22% in electricity and gas production and distribution, and 0.27% in water supply.

Monthly changes of the main industrial groups; There was an increase of 6.63% in intermediate goods, 2.05% in durable consumer goods, 1.99% in nondurable consumer goods, 3.51% in energy and 2.85% in capital goods.

The lowest annual increase; Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning production and distribution with 4.50%, leather and related products with 8.49%, and clothing with 8.92%. On the other hand, coke and refined petroleum products with 159.53%, crude oil and natural gas with 109.10% and base metals with 71.71% were the sub-sectors where the indices increased the most.

The lowest monthly increase; Treatment and distribution of water and water was 0.27%, furniture was 0.78%, and clothing was 1.00%. On the other hand, crude oil and natural gas were the sub-sectors with the highest increase in indices with 15.25%, base metals with 10.78% and tobacco products with 9.45%.

Author: Necdet Erginsoy

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