CryptoQuant CEO Forecasts a Huge Frenzy In Case of Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Approved in the US • Coinexc

Ki Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant, thinks that if the Bitcoin (BTC) ETF is approved in the US, there will be a massive Bitcoin craze around the world.

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Speaking to 156,000 followers on Twitter, Ju said that if the US approves a Bitcoin ETF, a massive FOMO worldwide could happen.

“Consider the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approving Bitcoin ETFs. After that, countries that follow the US, such as South Korea, will also approve Bitcoin ETFs, and the number of them will increase day by day. Thus, more financial institutions will buy Bitcoins and more Bitcoin funds will be launched. Then what will Bitcoin’s value be? The bull market may take longer than we expected. “

The first Bitcoin exchange mutual fund could happen soon if the SEC approves VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF.

Canada and Brazil are in a different climate as the SEC continues to delay the process. In Canada, recently Purpose Bitcoin ETF entered the Toronto Stock Exchange. A month later, Brazilian digital asset manager QR Capital received regulatory approval for the first Bitcoin ETF in Latin America.

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