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MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor thinks Bitcoin (BTC) will dominate the 21st century as network speed grows.

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In an interview with Kitco, Saylor alleges that the Bitcoin standard has found a solution to the “non-independent and non-derivative store of value” problem, referring to Bitcoin’s place in the global economic environment.

“I think Bitcoin will be the most powerful store of value in the 21st century. I think it is very clear that you won this field. “

MicroStrategy, where he is the CEO of the famous Bitcoin bull, currently has $ 4.5 billion worth of Bitcoin on its balance sheet. The CEO says Bitcoin has been a striking force unlike other big tech companies or innovations of the last century.

“Objectively speaking, Bitcoin is currently the fastest growing most striking power in the world. In 12 years, it increased from zero to 1 trillion dollars. This makes it the most striking thing. More striking than Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, and more striking than anything else in our lives. “

The CEO also says that there is a widespread misconception that Bitcoin should be viewed as a currency and therefore can compete with national currencies. Saylor thinks this is more accurately described as a crypto asset and therefore less threatening than stablecoins.

“When you understand that Bitcoin is a crypto asset, you realize that it is not competing with dollars and euros. Bitcoin competes with gold, silver, ETF and stocks. Jerome Powell said two weeks ago that Bitcoin is a digital gold. “

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