70 percent of those who find crypto investments safe

Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies have become widespread with the bull market that started at the end of last year. While large companies such as Tesla and MicroStrategy announced that they are converting some of the corporate reserves to Bitcoin, the prices of many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether (ETH) also broke records with the intense interest shown by both institutional and individual investors.

On the other hand, scandals regarding the domestic stock market Thodex and VeBitcoin have also fueled security discussions among crypto users.

The online survey platform Carrot shed light on how safe the participants find investing in cryptocurrencies in its latest survey.

70 percent find crypto investments safe

According to the survey results shared with Cointelegraph Turkey, 70 percent of the respondents find it safe to invest in cryptocurrencies.

While 72 percent of the participants announced that they are considering investing in crypto money, 35 percent stated that they invested in cryptocurrencies. 70 percent of those who announce their investment are in Turkey.

The gender distribution of the survey participants indicates that the number of male and female investors in the sector is also balanced. The rate of those who invested in crypto money increased with the level of education.

78 percent of the participants who have invested stated that they made a profit from these investments. The majority of the participants stated that they want to use cryptocurrencies, especially when shopping in the technology sector.

Akademetre Research Company conducted a research on behalf of the domestic stock market Paribu in July 2020 and revealed interesting results regarding the Turkish crypto market. In the study named “Crypto Money Recognition and Perception Research”, the rate of cryptocurrency transactions in Turkey was only 0.7 percent. In the study, the rate of those who rely on cryptocurrencies was 34 percent.

The findings regarding the level of education revealed similar results to the Carrot research. As the level of education increases, crypto money investments also increase, while 87.3 percent of those who transact with crypto money are high school or university graduates.

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