Crypto Money Tax Statement From Treasury and Finance Minister Lütfi Elvan Coinexc

Treasury and Finance Minister Lütfi Elvan evaluated the issues on the agenda in the CNN Türk live broadcast he attended. Minister Elvan also made an important statement about crypto coins. Minister Elvan announced that they are working with the Revenue Administration on tax.

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Minister Elvan emphasized in his statement that consumer protection is of utmost importance and stated that they are working for the law proposal.

“We have to protect the consumer. Necessary measures should be taken to prevent terrorist financing and money laundering. We did our necessary work. Countries have begun to take measures for the control of these platforms on a global scale, and who do the trading transactions. We also have a draft study. There will probably be a bill. We made all the necessary preparations. “

Stating that they also pay attention to the practices in the world, the Minister noted that they have done the draft study:

“There are regulations that need to be made outside MASAK, too. We have CMB BRSA and Revenue Department. What we have done, we have been working on the issue for two months under the chairmanship of a deputy minister. Constantly our friends got together, held meetings, looked at the applications around the world. They met with experts on this subject. They took their opinions and we did the draft work. “

The minister also said that the cryptocurrency industry does not have a centralized structure and therefore caution should be exercised.

“All of these areas are areas studied in the world. Fields where other developed countries work. I do not think it is important for me to go fast in this regard, we have to go firm and carefully. Because it does not have a central structure. It is necessary to be much more cautious. “

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