A new platform is being developed where content creators can sell NFT

A cryptocurrency-focused company has uncovered an important item on its roadmap with a number of products and services it is developing. In order to take the relationship between high profile content developers and their followers one step further, a new generation staking system is being developed.

TimeTicket Inc. offers a talent sharing economy platform called TimeTicket, which hosts a community of about 500,000 people. Users on this platform; They can get hourly service from experts in website development, copywriting, IT support, translation service, consultancy and many more. Work is underway for the decentralized version of this platform, which can be used internationally.

One of the services offered is eSportStars, which brings professional players together with their fans and enables them to participate in tournaments through games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, APEX, PUBG Mobile and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive… As previously reported by Cointelegraph, this platform will soon bring DeFi and NFT features. plans to make it available.

While each of these side features are described as promising developments, the main attention is on a concept defined as “Creator Sponsor Staking”. It is said to be a model tuned to offer a better experience than crowdfunding and tip-based alternative platforms.

Making the product unique

Participants who contribute to crowdfunding campaigns often get little in return, according to the TimeTicket initiative. Creator Sponsor Staking method is designed to change this and increase participation rates.

Thanks to this new environment, a number of specially talented content creators (such as YouTubers, anime creators, or illustrators) will be able to sell rare or limited edition NFT items to people who believe in their work.

While alternative marketplaces allow everyone to sell, Creator Sponsor Staking aims to be a top-notch platform where only the best of the best is served. It is hoped that this will help creators set themselves apart in the hugely crowded market.

Negotiations are currently ongoing, and TimeTicket is planning to announce some high profile personalities who have signed up for Creator Sponsor Staking in the near future. The project itself will be available in the coming months.


Strong user growth

TimeTicket says that with all these products and projects coming together, it has achieved strong growth in recent years. The TimeTicket user base is now 30 times bigger than it was three years ago. The platform also raised $ 4 million to enable it to expand the range of talent on the market.

As for the NFT market, the company plans to enter the industry using OpenSeas technology and hopes that the issues with Gas charges will be solved using ImmutableX and Matic technology. Managers believe that significantly reducing costs will make it possible to attract more people to this area.

TimeCoin (TMCN) has recently been listed on several new crypto exchanges, including BitForex, Biki, and BitMart. New names are expected to be included in the near future.

While the company’s roadmap is changing, the ultimate goal is the same: to ensure that the sharing economy is fair for all and to challenge some of the monopoly names emerging in the ecosystem.

It is underlined that using TimeCoinProtocol, any developer with brilliant DApp ideas that will diversify and enrich the sharing economy can bring their project to life.

Learn more about TimeCoinProtocol.

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