$ 30 Million was Stolen Coinexc

The cryptocurrency world has once again been attacked by hackers. Hackers stole almost $ 30 million from staking pools.

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The cryptocurrency world has come under a new attack. According to Spartan Protocol’s statement, attackers used BNB worth $ 61 million to raise an estimated $ 30 million in funding from staking pools.

Lark Davis, one of the crypto currency influencers who made a statement on the subject, is one of the many people in the community who reacted to this:

“Another day, another great hack! Stay safe! ”

As of now, the details regarding this hacking incident are slowly dropping. According to the statement from the Spartan Protocol, the attack took place in 9 attacks on 4 pools. Currently, efforts are being made to recover stolen funds. Binance was even asked for help. By the way, the stolen tokens and their amounts are as follows:

  • 30.7k WBNB ($ 18.9M)
  • 4.6M SPARTA ($7.8M at the time of hack)
  • 1.3M BUSD-T ($1.3)
  • 23.2 BTCB ($ 1.3M)
  • 924k BUSD ($ 0.9M)

One thing is certain, this is not an ordinary crypto staking activity. On the other hand, this is not the first attack the crypto world has faced with a hack this year.

Most recently, hackers targeted the famous crypto exchange Hotbit, which affected more than 200 million users. Moreover, the Bithumb exchange has also faced a threat from hackers demanding a ransom of more than $ 16 million in exchange for Bithumb’s failure to touch customer data.

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