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Today, we will try to explain to you what is the Reserve project, what is the Reserve Rights (RSV) token, and the features of the RSV coin.

Reserve Rights Nedir?

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Reserve Rights is passed as the token of the Reserve project. The aim of the project is to create stablecoins that cannot be closed by any application via decentralized launchers.

What is the Purpose of Reserve Rights?

The Reserve Project’s goal is to create a stablecoin that cannot be closed by any network. The creators of the project, on the other hand, aim to add decentralized fiat ramps to the created stablecoin and solve problems such as shutdowns in the system.

According to the project owners, people’s money should stay safe. Billions of people in particular cannot keep their money securely for different reasons. Especially because some banks are unreliable, governments can devalue money to pay off debts, which can seriously hurt citizens.

Those who work in the project believe that everyone in the world should deal with whomever they want, except for crime. Therefore, it allows cross-border transactions to be made without contact.

To solve this problem, Reserve created a decentralized stablecoin. Decentralized stablecoin cannot be controlled by anyone as it operates in a globally distributed network. In this way, governments cannot abuse your money.

Who Are the Investors of the Reserve Project?

The Reserve project has been invested both by companies and individually. As corporate firms, Coinbase Ventures, Crypto Lotus, Refactor Capital, Distributed Global, PreAngel, Blocktower, Neo Global Capital, Rocket Fuel, Velorum Capital, SGR, Arrington XRP Capital, Digital Currency Group, Divergence Digital Currency Fund and Fenbushi Capital.

At the same time, the project that attracted billionaire investors, especially PayPal’s founder Peter Thiel, Sam Altman, Semyon Dukach, Jack Selby, Matt Brimer, James Classcock, Eric M. Jackson, Lucy Wang, Jeff Morris Jr., George Samman Max Risman, Chris Blair, Maja Vujinovic, Spencer Greenberg, Raphael Ouzan, Demetri Kofinas, Craig Clemens, Josh Hannah, Sumeet Singh, Gordy Bal, Ran Neu Ner, and David Sica.

Reserve’s Mission

Before the Reserve project, cryptocurrencies were launched due to problems with currencies. But over time, with the intervention of traders, it became extremely speculative. According to the Reserve project, cryptocurrencies will easily consolidate their positions and summarize the reasons in a few points.

Coins can be divided into several parts.

Cryptocurrencies are trying to solve the problem, but most stablecoin projects remain in value thanks to the central and US dollar.

The future cryptocurrency as the dollar-independent stablecoin, according to the firm. The most important feature of the mentioned stablecoin lies in its decentralization. Thanks to this, stablecoin cannot be closed by any organization.

What are the Technical Features of the Reserve Project?

The Reserve protocol operates centrally at first and will become fully decentralized as enhancements are applied to the protocol’s main chain. The Reserve project has a three-stage plan to decentralize the protocol:

-Central phase: In this phase, the Reserve is decentrally supported by several mutual tokens. And all tokens are indexed to the US dollar.

– Decentralized phase: At this stage, the Reserve is decentralized by different entities in the basket, but price stabilization is provided by the US dollar.

-Independent phase: In this phase, the Reserve will not be tied to the US dollar. This ensures that the purchasing power is stabilized regardless of the value of the US dollar.

Reserve Protocol can be held on top of any smart contract. The price of the variable value basket is measured in US dollars. While currently active on the Ethereum (ETH) network, the firm is currently building bridges to interact with different smart contract platforms.

Currently, the price target of the Reserve token is $ 1, while its long-term plans will be designed regardless of the US dollar of its value.

What Are the Tokens of the Reserve Protocol?

The Reserve protocol is divided into three as Reserve Token (RSV), Reserve Rights Token (RSR) and Counter tokens:

-Reserve token (RSV): These are cryptocurrencies that can be spent indexed to the US dollar and other currencies.

-Reserve Rights token (RSR): Provides stabilization of the Reserve token.

Mutual tokens: Issued to support assets in the Reserve smart contract. The protocol is designed to provide at least the full value of all Reserve tokens. The acquired tokens can be used as tokenized securities. Finally, the firm’s portfolio will be simple, but over time most securities will be tokenized.

How is the Reserve Token Stabilized?

Like the dollar-indexed stablecoins, the Reserve implements different mechanisms for price changes. If the value of the Reserve token falls below $ 1, burning the tokens, if it goes above $ 1, the firm will issue more Reserve tokens, fixing them at $ 1.

How to Capitalize a Reserve Token?

As Reserve tokens are sold in the market, new reserves are seen as provision. Reserve provision is kept at a ratio of 1: 1 during this period. But still the reserve ratio is constant even as the supply increases.

What happens when counter tokens drop in value?

When counter tokens drop in value, the protocol will create support through the sale of new tokens.

What distinguishes the Reserve Protocol from other Protocols?

Although Stablecoin projects are built on decentralized platforms, they are usually indexed to a single asset class. Being central and supporting a single asset class in Stablecoin projects can have serious consequences. Reserve, on the other hand, realizes the value of its stablecoins through asset baskets according to their purchasing power. Due to its decentralization, the collapse of the project becomes increasingly difficult.

Reserve Rights Reviews

Designated as the token of the Reserve project, Reserve Rights received the support of well-known investor companies in the blockchain field for its purposes. In addition, it has come a long way with the support of individual investors known in the field of technology as individual investors.

Who is on the Reserve Team?

The Reserve team includes the firm’s co-founder and CEO Nevin Freeman, co-founder and CTO Matt Elder. But others include business development director Charlie Smith, protocol development director Jesper Ostman, CFO Cathleen Kilgallen, legal director Mark Lee, protocol designer Taylor Brent, operations director Erika Campbell, general consultant Matt Gertler and product development director Josh Furnas.

Reserve has consultants besides its employees. Advisors include monetary economist Garett Jones, former SEC commissioner Paul Atkins, Democracy Earth founder Santiago Siri, Thiel Macro former portfolio manager Ben Verschuere, and former hedge fund founder Gary Basin.

Where To Buy Reserve Rights?

Reserve Rights (RSR), Binance, Huobi Global, Poloniex, Liquid, OKEx, Uniswap (V2), ProBit Exchange, Kyber Network, CoinDCX, Huobi Korea, Balancer, CoinEx, Emirex, Upbit, 1inch Exchange, Xtheta Global, Bialxy, BitMart, DigiFinex, MXC.COM, Coinsbit, LATOKEN, Hoo, ATOMARS, BiONE, Fatbtc, HitBTC,, Switcheo Network, Dsdaq, TOKENCAN, XT ve Honeyswap gibi borsalardan satın alınabilir.

You can easily trade on RSR / BTC, RSR / WETH, RSR / USDT, RSR / HNY, RSR / ETH, RSR / BNB, RSR / BUSD, RSR / HT and RSR / KRW trading pairs.

What Do Reserve Rights Do

Reserve Rights (RSV) allows it to be used as a governance token in the Reserve protocol. Although there is currently no governance function, you can make suggestions for improvement in the protocol over time through the governance function of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reserve

What are the highest and lowest levels of Reserve Rights?

The lowest level of the RSR token was $ 0.001247, while its highest was traded at $ 0.09987.

What is the circulating supply and total supply of Reserve Rights?

Reserve Rights’ circulating supply appears to be 13,159,999,000 RSR and the total supply of 100 billion RSR tokens.

What is the purpose of the RSR token?

RSR will function as a governance token, with innovations to the Reserve smart contract. Although it is not currently used for this purpose, it is expected to take on this role over time. The other function is used to stabilize RSV tokens.

What are the social media channels of the Reserve project?

You can easily access the Reserve Protocol by typing Reserve Protocol on Twitter, YouTube, Blog, Medium, Linkedin and Telegram.

Who is building the Reserve protocol?

The project, which first started in Silicon Valley, has expanded into Latin America, Africa and Asia over time. Many people on their teams are working faster, thanks to active altruistic communities.

How was the success of the Reserve protocol defined?

The Reserve project is indexed to the world economy, RSV is accepted by most people and businesses, RSV is harder to close than Bitcoin (BTC), people switch to RSV as a result of hyperinflation, and finally, as RSR increases, people get more RSV are the criteria that the firm has shown as a condition for success.

How can I follow the developments related to the Reserve project?

You can find the first developments about RSV coin, crypto money news and more on our website

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