Company employees can be involved in the Uranium Finance cyber attack

The cyber attack suffered by the Binance Smart Chain-based decentralized finance protocol Uranium Finance, causing $ 50 million in damage, may be related to someone from within the company, according to a member of the project’s development team.

He came up with the theory, a user named “Baymax” who appears to be listed as an administrator on Uranium Finance’s Telegram channel. Baymax explained that the vulnerability that led to the cyberattack was exposed just two hours before the second version of the protocol was launched. The timing of the vulnerability narrows down the list of suspects significantly.

Baymax explained:

“There were 7 people who knew about the vulnerability in Uranium. Outside of Uranium, there are 3 contractors and their subcontractors who may be aware of this. “

The team continued as follows:

“From all this information, we understand that someone may have leaked the vulnerability to cyber attackers.”

Information about team members is not available on Uranium Finance’s official website, so it is not possible to understand how the cyber attack occurred or who was responsible.

Baymax warned over 4,100 members on Telegram to contact them directly and stay out of contact with other moderators or team members.

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