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Famous talk show host Ellen DeGeneres’ NFT was sold for $ 14,555. DeGeneres also discussed Dogecoin (DOGE) with Mark Cuban.

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Ellen DeGeneres auctioned off an NFT artwork today. Degeneres’ NFT token contains a drawing called “Woman With a Stick Cat”.

The NFT was auctioned in Bitski and the only platinum version of its kind sold for $ 14,555. This version of the token contains not only the artwork but also a monologue.

DeGeneres also sold 64 digital copies of the art sans monologue, each tokenized as part of a $ 100 “silver” package. Six copies of the “gold” package are still sold at $ 2,500 each. The proceeds will go to World Central Kitchen, a natural disaster relief organization.

Mark Cuban Proposes Dogecoin

Cuban, owner of Dallas Macericks, appeared on Ellen’s schedule to discuss cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

“The thing about NFTs is that they’re just digital collectibles. NFT is a digital collection that you can buy, hold or sell like any other collection. “

Cuban also stated that Dogecoin is not a “joke” but a true digital currency.

Cuban also advised DeGeneres to accept Dogecoin in its online store. Although DeGeneres did not say anything definite, he stated the following on his Twitter account:

“I’m still not sure I understand it or how to pronounce it, but it’s definitely fun to say.”

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