Bitcoin price approached 55 thousand dollars

One of the industry’s famous investors suggested that Bitcoin (BTC), which recovered after falling to $ 46,000 last weekend, is still on track to see $ 100,000 this year, and the recent drop has not changed the price action.

Tapiero pointed out rare buy signal

Fund manager Dan Tapiero, In his post on April 27 He said customers are extremely worried about Bitcoin’s recent price drop, but there is no need to panic.

Stating that a technical buy signal has been seen since March 2020, when BTC crashed to $ 3,600, Tapiero gave hope to anxious investors.

“Bitcoin gave the very rare TD Sequential buy signal. This signal was last seen in March 2020, when the markets collapsed. This year we will see 100 thousand dollars, “he explained.

On the other hand, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced during a discussion with comedian Dave Portnoy that he never made any sales from his personal Bitcoin savings.

Musk is known for making a big impact on Bitcoin’s short-term price movements. With BTC gaining almost 10 percent in value since the start of the week and approaching $ 55,000, investors think the find could be a classic “Elon candle” move.

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