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Central Bank President, Şahap Kavcıoğlu made statements in the joint broadcast of TRT Haber, A Haber and CNN Türk. Kavcıoğlu stated that regulations will be made on crypto money within two weeks.

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The complete statement of Şahap Kavcıoğlu’s crypto money is as follows:

A sensitive subject is moving into a different dimension. There is no infrastructure, regulation and control mechanism. You can’t fix this by just banning it. The infrastructures of the institutions that mediate these platforms are not solid. We said that you can pay through banks. We are working on the regulations. We prohibited its use instead of money. Cryptocurrency regulation is underway under the coordination of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

There is no definition; asset or property? There are many vague question marks. I guess that the studies will come to a point in two weeks. There is no application in the world that you can take as an example.

There is a very serious cryptocurrency traffic. It is unclear whether the money is coming. We don’t know where these cryptocurrencies are going. There is a flow of crypto going to Europe and the USA. We will discuss this issue within a few weeks; CMB, BRSA and the Ministry make their own regulations.

There are people who do not know what is being done about the crypto world, what regulation is.

Turkey is a strong country. It follows a foreign policy that has been established in recent years. Let’s not forget that there is a strong economy, power and nation behind its being on the field. We may have various problems, they are overcome. We maintain our power in the outside world with the economy.

No use attrition to Turkey with specific figures. The investor outside is taking advantage of this fight. Courtship attacks are more frequent. Who is losing? The citizen on the street, the state is losing.

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