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The IOTA Foundation emphasizes at every opportunity that NFTs are one of their most important focal points. The foundation is now ready to announce its first project.

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NFT Marketplace revealed that the first NFT project on IOTA Pollen is currently under construction. Fullstack developers, IOTA developers, and UI / UX designers have joined forces to bring the digital collectibles business to IOTA.

At present, the project is approaching the “minimum viable project” stage. The accustomed MVP will be broadcast on IOTA’s Pollen with basic functionality enabled. Thus, customers will be able to generate and trade NFT from the first days of the operation.

Negligible operational fees are the reason the NFT Marketplace chose IOTA over other programmatic platforms. The team emphasizes that IOTA’s Tangle design allows it to run an NFT platform with zero fees for customers.

The NFT Marketplace team also announced a digital art competition to promote the IOTA-based NFT concept.

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