Important Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptocurrency Statement from Bo, Deputy Governor of the Bank of China

According to the Chinese journalist Colin Wu’s Twitter account, Vice President of the Central Bank of China Li Bo made an important statement about Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies.

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According to Colin Wu, Li Bo said that crypto assets such as Bitcoin should be used as investment tools or alternative investments. These statements are very important because the Chinese government is the first to recognize the asset value of cryptocurrencies.

Wu used the following statements in the continuation of the information he conveyed:

“Li Bo said crypto assets are an investment option. It is not a currency in itself but an alternative investment product. China is working on regulatory policies. Li Bo also said that stablecoins issued by private companies require stricter control than Bitcoin. China has long considered Bitcoin’s status as a virtual commodity, with some bans. The entire policy is still relatively uncertain. Before understanding what regulatory rules are required, Li Bo said we will continue to maintain existing measures. “

However, Zhou Xiaochuan, the former head of the central bank of China, stated at the Boao Forum that he thinks digital assets should serve the real economy while cryptocurrencies have nothing to do with the real economy.

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