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Yazar: Geoffrey Smith – February retail sales will set the tone for the Fed’s two-day policy meeting. Industrial production and housing market data will also be released. Europe’s vaccine campaign is in turmoil over the political suspension of vaccine use in the AstraZeneca-Oxford University partnership as President Xi Jinping told China’s top economic committee to press the country to lift the legal loopholes in favor of tech giants. Oil continues to weaken ahead of US stock data.

1.List of data when collecting Fed

The Fed is starting two days in front of a market that seems to have finished repricing inflation expectations for now. Calm above 1.60%. This could change if February retail sales data show signs that the US consumer is rushing to spend in anticipation of the latest stimulus check. February and its data will be announced.

2.As AZN vaccine is suspended, third wave begins in Europe

A third wave of covid-19 infections is occurring in Europe. The countries of Germany, France, Italy and Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) reported increased infections. Germany’s Robert Koch Institute said on Tuesday that the number of cases in the country has increased exponentially again.

Efforts to sabotage Europe’s own vaccination program are also not helping. Germany’s decision to stop the distribution of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine on Monday resulted in France and Italy joining it. While the Italian drug regulator considered this a “political decision”, the European Medicines Agency, which is responsible for declaring that medical products are safe, reiterated its view that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh any risks.

On the other hand, Australia said it would distribute the AstraZeneca (NASDAQ 🙂 vaccine as planned, while the Thai Prime Minister lifted its suspension decision on Friday and was vaccinated on TV.

3.The exchanges will open mixed

US stock markets will be mixed in narrow gaps. Investors are waiting for the Fed result with retail sales data.

It dropped 67 points, lost less than 0.1%, and rose 0.4%, continuing Monday’s superior performance model.

Among the stocks that may be in the spotlight is Facebook (NASDAQ :), which has agreed with News Corp (NASDAQ 🙂 to pay for news in Australia. This situation is likely to have consequences for other countries. Lennar (NYSE 🙂 will report his earnings.

4. Xi calls for ‘legal loopholes’ to benefit tech giants

China’s President, Xi Jinping, reinforced the need for stricter regulations on the country’s Internet platform companies, adding momentum to the campaign that Ant Group started last year by blocking the initial public offering (IPO).

State television reported that Xi told the country’s top economic committee that China should regulate the industry and fill “gaps and gaps in the law”. Changes to the regulations of the type described by Xi have reduced the value of Ant Group, to which Alibaba (NYSE 🙂 is affiliated, by billions of dollars, hitting the profitability of most of its financial services with new capital requirements.

Separate reports said Xi had instructed Alibaba to stop checking out the South China Morning Post, the symbol of Hong Kong’s relatively free press.

5.Oil stocks

Crude oil prices continued to weaken ahead of the US ahead of the American Petroleum Institute (API).

futures fell 1.5% to $ 64.39, while crude oil fell 1.6% to $ 67.79.

US stock data has been pretty volatile over the past few weeks due to the impact of cold weather in Texas. Due to this effect, the refineries were completely closed and then only gradually reopened. With the start of Spring Break, this week’s data could show an increase in final demand for refined products, after US air travelers hit the highest level since the outbreak broke out last year.

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