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A software developer wrote code that allows Bitcoin (BTC) mining on one of the oldest computer types, Commodore 64. The code is currently available on GitHub.

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Launched in 1982, the Commodore 64 was an 8-bit personal computer that focused on playing games and creating music and was extremely successful in its era. The computer had a total of 64 KB of RAM. Currently, a standard computer uses an average of 4GB to 32GB of RAM.

Bitcoin mining is a process of solving complex calculations. In theory, all computers can do mining. However, special systems are required to achieve success.

Maciej Witkowiak, the developer behind Commodore 64 mining code, predicts that the old computer will generate a hash rate of 0.2 hashes per second. By contrast, a modern-day ASIC miner like the Antminer T19 runs hashes at a rate of 84 terahash per second (one trillion hashes per second). Therefore, it is unlikely that the Commodore 64 miner will mine a Bitcoin block.

Undoubtedly, Maciej Witkowiak, who developed the software, aimed to have fun doing it. This type of news had been reported in the press before. Last month, a YouTuber also turned Nintendo’s first major console into a Bitcoin miner.

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