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Africa: How is the diamond industry developing in Angola?

Angola is the third leading diamond producer in the African continent and the sixth in the world. In this file prepared by our team, you will discover how this historical sector developed despite the difficulties of Covid-19. An economic boom, of course, but it also benefits the social and social dynamics of the country.

There is large investment in the diamond business in Lunda Sul, the mining state of Angola. A new development center is being established in the city of Saurimo, powered by green energy. It will bring together all those working in the diamond industry, both public and private, in one place. The aim is to stimulate growth and recognize the full potential of the industry.

Diamond polishing factories, offices and a specialist training center are at the heart of this business.

Jose Ganga Junior, Managing Director of Endiama: “This center is part of the effort to increase the diamond value chain. We have been a country that mainly produces and exports rough diamonds until now. With this center we add value, we are polishing in Angola. In the near future, about 20 percent of our production. We have set a goal to transform the city of Angola. “

Henriques Cardoso, Civil Engineer and Project Director, Saurimo Diamond Development Hub: “The training center will have 11 courses all linked to mining. In this center, we will also have laboratories that will support courses and facilities. There will also be full-time, in-house students at the center. “

The idea is to develop the future diamond workforce and help Angola diversify its economy.

Henriques Cardoso, Civil Engineer and Project Director, Saurimo Diamond Development Hub: “As the term suggests, this is a development center specifically for the region, but also for the country as a whole – especially for the east. They will benefit from the labor market as well as their technical and vocational training. “

Wilson Cambunji is already taking advantage of this, working for the solar power company that regulates its central space.

Wilson Cambunji, Assistant General, MoTrice İnşaat Yapım: “This means a lot to me as this is the first job I’ve ever worked with such colleagues. I’m learning a lot. Many things I don’t know. “

The African Diamond Council, the official governing body, says that Angola’s diamond industry represents around 1.2 billion euros in annual production.

Somiluana diamond mine has been in production for more than ten years.

Dionísia Pinto, Mining Forewoman, Somiluana Mine: “What we’re starting to see lately is that women are actually taking over the mining industry … I love the job, I take care of it until I get it done.”

Angola climbed 37 places unprecedented in the FutureBrand Country Index last year.

They focus on social responsibility and transparency in the diamond industry. Both are key to attracting foreign, private investment going forward.

José Ganga Junior, Managing Director, Endiama: “Today, Angola is one of the countries with the greatest potential in diamond mining due to its reserves. It is a virgin country and we are open to anyone interested in investing in Angola. “

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