Ripple (XRP) Is Integrating With Wanchain To Interact With DApps • Coinexc

Decentralized cross-chain bridges for XRP, the 4th largest cryptocurrency, will be launched on the mainnet in the near future, according to a recent announcement by Wanchain CEO Jack Lu:

“This means that XRP tokens can now be used for liquidity mining and yield farming.”

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Cross-chain integration will enable XRP holders to interact with different applications on Wanchain and Ethereum. However, they will also be able to interact with Bitcoin and EOS, two chains that were added previously.

Emi Yoshikawa, vice president of global enterprise strategy and operations at Ripple, said he was excited to see the XRP ecosystem support new uses:

“It’s exciting to see the XRP ecosystem expand to support new uses like DeFi.”

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