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Billionaire investor Mark Cuban predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will break the dominance of gold as a store of value.

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Speaking in an interview with UpOnly, the famous investor is not convinced that Bitcoin can ever work well as a currency, but believes that Bitcoin will replace gold for investors.

“Bitcoin is great as a platform. It is seen as an alternative investment tool. It will replace gold in many people’s portfolios and hopefully its value will rise as the whales continue to HODL. ”

Cuban said that although Bitcoin is ready to melt the market value of gold, it is doing so slowly. Additionally, he said the asset could grow against gold as people invest in Bitcoin.

“When exchange traded funds are opened, people will be able to buy Bitcoins more easily. Currently, it is still very difficult to put money into the wallet just to buy Bitcoins. So you need someone to keep it for you. Because most people will be afraid to have Bitcoin under their own custody.

Bitcoin is built on true trust. Do you trust gold or Bitcoin? Younger generations will rely on Bitcoin, as gold has no use on its own. What good is gold for? It doesn’t do anything. “

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