Tesla could start paying rent with Bitcoin very soon

Elon Musk, who is at the forefront of the prevalence of crypto currencies, can start paying rent with Bitcoin (BTC).

Although Musk has not made a statement yet, according to reports on April 7, Los Angeles-based real estate company Caruso Properties and cryptocurrency exchange Gemini have made a collaboration.

As part of the collaboration, Caruso will begin accepting Bitcoins in lease payments for many of its properties. According to the LA Times report, Caruso also converted about 1 percent of its reserve into Bitcoin.

The property that houses Tesla’s dealership in Glendale, California, is also owned by Caruso.

After Tesla invested $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin and started accepting BTC for vehicle purchases, will Tesla now start paying rent with BTC?

Rick Caruso, owner of Caruso Properties, said that no action has yet been taken to pay rent in Bitcoin, but that the company’s investment in BTC is already profitable.

“I believe it is a good protection tool and has already proven to be a good investment for us,” explained Caruso.

Caruso seems to be preparing for the future by offering its properties to Bitcoin buyers. Comparing Bitcoin’s prevalence to the prevalence of credit cards fifty years ago, Caruso said a strange and unreliable technology could become an integral part of society in the future.

“I think Bitcoin and blockchain technology will do the same in the future. We want to be a pioneer in this regard. “

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