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The date for the Alonzo update for Cardano has finally been announced.

Ethereum (ETH) Cardano (ADA), founded by its co-founder Charles Hoskinson, has still surpassed Ethereum and is not in a position to reach its goal. Although Charles Hoskinson has implemented an alternative cryptocurrency project after leaving the Ethereum team, the roadmap of the project is still far from complete.

What is Cardano’s Post-Mary Goal?

During this period, Cardano achieved significant successes such as switching to Shelley’s main network and subsequently performing the Mary hard fork smoothly. However, it is emphasized that the network is still not completely decentralized.

Although the Cardano team opened the door to the first independent block production on April 1 in order to make the network completely decentralized, smart contracts are also very important in this context. The fact that smart contracts have different functions and uses as in the same Ethereum network can bring the desired victory to Cardano.

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$ 1.5 ADA Price Has Declined

The fact that the price broke a record and reached $ 1.5 after the Mary hard fork on the Cardano network reveals how important the updates are not only for Hoskinson, but for all investors. Now all investors are on the lookout for the Alonzo hard fork.

Michael Peyton Jones, one of the engineers of IOHK, made a statement about the highly anticipated date. In a statement made on Twitter, Jones answered those who were curious about the Alonzo hard fork. Expressing that this will actually complete the transformation process initiated with Mary and Allegra forks, Jones emphasized that the moment of fate is approaching for Cardano.

It is seen that the most important part of the published blog post is the history section. The Alonzo update will roll out in the third quarter of 2021, one in July, August and September. This is actually seen as the peak dates of the bull market, according to experts.

NFTs Are Coming With Alonzo

Stating that a period of 4 months is required for Cardano, the developer emphasized that there will be a revolution in smart contracts. Stating that Cardano’s smart contracts can be used in many areas, the software engineer underlined that NFTs will also come to the network.

With the support of the smart contracts in question, NFTs, which broke records on record in recent days, decentralized exchanges that are seen as volume machines and many such projects, the platform can also be used on the network.

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