How To Withdraw From Sorare Platform?

ETH is a decentralized digital currency using the Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum is absolutely vital to the Sorare platform and is used in the core parts of the game:

  1. Playing cards are traded using ETH and transferred to the Ethereum Blockchain.
  2. Game week rewards are paid to players on Ethereum.
  3. Managers playing cards are stored on the Ethereum Blockchain, which helps guarantee the rarity of the cards.
  4. Ethereum forms the basis of the entire Sorare platform.


Transfer your ETH match rewards and trading profits from Sorare to a wallet like Metamask to convert to a currency. From there, you have to trade on a crypto exchange.

The next thing you have to do is find your ETH wallet on this exchange. This is where you will send your ETH from Sorare.

In some exchanges this is called “Deposit ETH”. You should see your public key / address here, usually under a barcode. Copy this key / address.
1. Click the Wallet option.
2. Click Import.
3. Copy the address.

In Sorare, go to your wallet and click the “Withdraw” tab. Paste your ETH wallet / deposit address from your exchange into the box and decide how much you want to send. Then click Submit! You should receive a confirmation email from Sorare asking you to accept the fee associated with the transaction. Confirm the action by clicking the link. ETH will then be sent to your wallet, this transaction usually takes about 10-20 minutes to be confirmed on the blockchain. This depends on the time of day and how busy the Ethereum network is during the transaction.


After you send your ETH from Sorare to your new wallet address, you should see ETH appear on the exchange of your choice. At this point, you have to buy TL or dollars using the ETH we just entered in our currency wallet. The last step is to withdraw your money into your bank account. Find the local currency into which you converted your ETH in your portfolio. Choose how much you want to withdraw to your bank account and click continue. Coinbase will ask for your bank details to which you want to send your money. After entering your bank details, the money should be credited to your account within a few hours. So much! You have now converted your Sorare ETH into your real bank account!

We expect all our players to asking the Turkish community official asking Turkey. Events for Turkish players organized by Sorare will take place here, and developments will be shared here first. Please click to join the group.

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