Ethereum (ETH) Statement by Anthony Scaramucci




Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci made important statements about Ethereum (ETH). When asked about his opinion on the second largest cryptocurrency, Scaramucci noted that he loves Ethereum.

Speaking at the show he attended on CNBC, Scaramucci said that he could not show the necessary attention to Ethereum because he was more interested in Bitcoin (BTC).

Andrew Sorkin, the host of the program, stated that Ethereum is the basis of NFTs, therefore Ethereum may be much more important in the coming periods.

Scaramucci’s views also bear similar qualities. Scaramucci stated that Ethereum is a big market, has a good foundation, and will grow further.

Although there are some positive opinions about Ethereum, we can still say that the interest in the asset is low at the institutional level. Although there are corporate companies that show interest in Ethereum, it is extremely inadequate next to the interest shown in Bitcoin.

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