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Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple (XRP) believes that Bitcoin (BTC) will reach its full potential in mining with the use of renewable energy.

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Garlinghouse made a statement, clarifying his stance on Bitcoin, declaring that he does not advocate any prohibitions against it. However, he emphasized that a transaction with Bitcoin requires 75 gallons of oil, while the entire crypto space should aim to transform Bitcoin mining into a clean energy business.

Bitcoin’s increasing value has caught the attention of the whole world. However, the increase in this price has also worried environmentalists. With the appreciation of the asset, there is concern that mining activities will accelerate. In addition, processes such as asset transaction verification, network securing, etc. increase the use of electricity. Garlinghouse used the following statements on the subject:

“As a means of payment, Bitcoin is among the most inefficient payment mechanisms humanity has ever created. Because as Bitcoin’s price increases, its energy consumption and carbon footprint continue to scale aggressively. Considering that a Bitcoin transaction is equivalent to burning about 75 gallons of gasoline, I believe it should not be overlooked.

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