HECO Chain launches grants program for developers

Huobi Eco (HECO) Chain, Huobi’s decentralized and open blockchain, aims to support developers with its new grants program.

Cointelegraph in Turkey through March 31, according to the press release HECO Chain shared the world in order to contribute to the overall development of the community launched the First Round Funding. Under the new grant program, it is planned to grant developers 60 thousand dollars.

HECO Chain stated in its press release:

“Round One Grants aim to financially support creative ideas and projects at an early stage to help developers develop better technology and more useful products in the HECO ecosystem.”

Compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and energy efficient HECO Chain is an open and decentralized network that ensures the security of the network and assets. Offering a low-cost environment for developers to run decentralized applications and store their digital assets, blockchain also enables cross-chain asset transfer.

Applications for the grant program, where developers from around the world can submit their new projects developed on the HECOhost site, started on March 16. Developers will be able to test the website through HackerLink. All projects submitted through HackerLink need to be recorded in the smart contract.

According to the press release, the value locked in HECO Chain is also increasing day by day. The total amount of locked assets in HECO Chain reached $ 6.35 billion as of March 24. The daily transaction volume of the blockchain network has exceeded $ 2.9 million.

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