How to set up a team in seconds in the office? The latest situation in the electric vehicle and the European ski industry by Euronews TR

How to set up a team in seconds in the office? The latest situation in the electric vehicle and the European ski industry

Business Line interviewed Roger Gorman, CEO of Profinda company, this week, who developed a system that finds the employees needed to solve a shortage of employees or a problem encountered in the workload.

Thanks to his success and leadership in the industry, Profinda worked with former US President Barack Obama and his team at the Davos Summit.

Business Line also discussed the ski tourism sector in Europe, which was affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, with autobills running on electricity and hydrogen.

Profinda’s network network sets up a team for companies in seconds, a company called Profinda uses technology to bring company employees together, firmly connect organizations and reveal their universal talents.

The company attended the Davos Summit thanks to the service it provided, secured key cross-industry links called the “Big Six”, and had a great start working with former US President Obama and the White House.

Roger Gorman, Co-Founder and CEO of ProFinda: “For any organization in the world, these two things are very important, discovering people and their talents, and the other is getting the workload to work. It is necessary to have this element and bring them together to improve business efficiency. “

Natalie Lindo, euronews: “Let’s say I’m a big company and I have a huge workload around the world. How can you help me?”

Roger Gorman: “When a company with 100,000 employees breaks down at some point above the workload, it only costs billions of dollars in time lost. It’s about time spent finding the person with the right skills. In fact, every company has human resources or a finance department. From a management point of view, the most talented person is recruited in about 4 weeks, with the company’s own workforce network and an unconscious bias. In our system, it takes only seconds to set up the right team. “

The key to building a team is to find experts who have the skills to match the right project.

Roger Gorman Profinda CEO

Euronews: “What do employees benefit from this situation?”

Roger Gorman: “Actually, what’s happening with companies is like this: Human resources think they know employees, but that’s not the case and companies are trying to hold on to the market with the vital support of these departments. We know what employees want to do and what they can achieve. We have technology that shows this. allows us to start a new business adventure. “

Euronews: “You have come a long way so far. You serve 3 of the 4 big companies. But how do you identify companies that do not comply with your service concept?”

Roger Gorman: “This is one of the issues that we have difficulties because of the pandemic. Actually, the right team cannot be built with close people. It is impossible and it should never have been like that. But because we are close to each other, we somehow got out of this situation. The trick of building a team is the right project. and to find relevant experts. “

Euronews: “One of the services you provide is smart technology that works with emails.”

Roger Gorman: “Usually when searching for employees, an email is written: Do you know someone who has the following characteristics? And this e-mail reaches 15-20 people among your supervisors in the company. Our system on the top right is in real time using the right language. It maps all people according to their abilities, so you can instantly see all of the people you are in contact with, workplace staff and schoolmates in the system. Profinda’s basic content includes a database representing your profile, so you can understand your profile, human resources or the question asked by the project manager. The system also gives you some guesses and for example if you are a cryptocurrency expert. Nigel lives in Paris, 25 years old and probably speaks French. If this person wants to make some connections or is looking for work, our system will contact him immediately. In other words, it makes some predictions with artificial intelligence based on your abilities.

Euronews: “Let’s say you have a specific expertise in a field such as medicine or technology. How does your network help these people?”

Roger Gorman: “For example, there will be an event on oncology in Sweden. You have contacts from 43,000 people working to cure cancer. But you only have one week left for the event, and you walk down the street and randomly look for the right people for the right project. It’s not a novelty, and we can’t cure cancer that way. Our system can bring together experts working on the right project at the right place at the right time at the right time. And when you get to this point, you see something very powerful coming up. “

The production of electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles has been accelerated. The measures taken against environmental pollution in the world are getting tighter. Automobile companies have stepped up the production of electric vehicles because these cars are likely to cover all roads in a much shorter time than we thought.

In 2020, 2.5 million electric vehicles were sold worldwide. The American-British partnership, IHS Market, says this figure will increase by 70 percent in 2021. According to General Motors, electric vehicles account for 3 percent of the world market and we have a long way to go. The Detroit-based company recently introduced the Chevrolet Bolt SUV, powered by 100 percent electric power. This model is the first of 30 new models that the company wants to launch by 2035.

Jaguar will produce only electric vehicles after 2025Jesse Ortega, Head of the Chevy Bolt Engineering Department: “The Chevrolet Volt is an electric vehicle that has a long range and has a reasonable price in the market for us. Thanks to this model, which is called SUV, we have opened up to the most popular segments in the market.”

This model will hit the market in the summer of 2022, but other automakers are much faster in this regard. The luxury car manufacturer Jaguar has announced that it will produce only electric vehicles from 2025. The British company invests about 3 billion euros each year in line with this plan. Considering to launch its first electric vehicle in 2024, the company also aims to reduce emissions in the world by investing in hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Thierry Bollore, CEO of Jaguar-Land Rover: “Investing in” fuel cell “technology, such as hydrogen powered vehicles, is a logical and complementary factor in the market. In the future, we want to accelerate the adaptation process to such natural energy sources and test our first prototype vehicles on UK roads. “

Large automobile companies have already started producing hydrogen-powered models. New laws and regulations now force the automobile industry around the world to discourage fossil fuel vehicles.

Ski resorts in Europe are looking for a way out of the pandemic Ski centers have had a difficult time economically in 2021, as they did last year, due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The extension of the restrictions related to the pandemic also makes the owners of the companies to think.

Winter tourism season in Italy is going through quite a difficult time. Ski centers across the country have locked their doors this year due to the pandemic. The Italian Ministry of Health announced that the ski season ban will end on March 5.

Renato Antonioli, Cima Piazzi Ski Resort Manager: “This is ridiculous. The timing is unreasonable. You cannot announce 4 hours in advance that the lifts will close. We have been making preparations with my family for 20 days to open our business. We have recruited and we are ready, but now we do not know what will happen.”

About 30 thousand people died in the Lombardy region in the north of Italy before the Covid-19 measures. Across the country, the loss of life approached 100 thousand. Ski centers had to reduce the number of daily customers to 30 percent compared to the past. The same measures were taken in France and Germany, when it turned out that 18 percent of new cases were comprised of new variants from the UK.

Gilles Kraan, CEO of Gimar Montaz Mautino: “We expected an average turnover of 600-700 thousand euros from services such as ski equipment rental, lift service, clothing sales, accommodation. But now everything is canceled.

However, unlike ski resorts, companies that produce equipment have to produce from a year ago. For this reason, their economic losses are much greater. For example, Rossignol’s sales fell 40 percent last year.

Bruno Cercley, CEO of Rossignol: “The next year’s margin decline will reach 70 percent, not 40 percent. We’re really feeling the impact of the pandemic.”

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