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Famous billionaire Mark Cuban talked about his experience with cryptocurrency, the current state of the market and the reasons behind the upward perception of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Cryptocurrencies and applications for Cuban is the next evolution of the internet.

Emphasizing that Bitcoin has a share of gold and will continue to buy, the famous billionaire stated that the most exciting part about cryptocurrencies is decentralization.

Comparing Ethereum more with issues such as the rise of the internet in this sense, Cuban said:

“When the internet started to emerge, we started to see all these practices that could disrupt what happened in the analog world. Now we see what happened and how smart contracts came about. We’ve witnessed all of these to be decentralized. It was the real factor that changed the game. “

How Bitcoin and Ethereum Has Changed

Although Cuban was aware of the use of Bitcoin in the early days, he thought that the future restrictions would prevent the use of Bitcoin. Cuban emphasized that Bitcoin is a store of value and used the following statements:

“In 2012, people said Bitcoin was a currency and I thought” this is not going to work. ” However, I later found it to be a better alternative than gold. Because its price will rise due to its algorithmic scarcity. “

Cuban’s portfolio includes 60% Bitcoin, 30% Ethereum and 10% other cryptocurrencies. Cuban regrets not entering this market before.

“I have a lot of Ethereum. I wish I bought it much earlier but I started taking it four years ago. I think Ethereum is the closest to a real currency. “

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