Famous Artist Akon Steps into NFT World with AkoinNFT • Coinexc

Senegalese-American rapper Akon launched AkoinNFT, an NFT platform to empower digital artists and brands.

Akon announced that the Akoin team behind the AKN cryptocurrency has partnered with Taqo.io to launch the AkoinNFT platform.

Since many artists could not continue their concert activities due to COVID-19, NFT has become a great opportunity for them. Akon also decided to sign such a platform in order to earn more artists.

NFTs are cryptographic assets with varying properties. Many things such as art items, sports cards, virtual real estate etc. can be produced as NFT.

The AkoinNFT platform will be used for the creation, design, printing and distribution of NFTs for artists who want to benefit from the digital art movement. The Taqo team said the platform is built on the decentralized Web3 architecture adopted by the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem.

Artists’ interest in NFT is increasing day by day. Snoop Dogg has recently stepped into the NFT world just like Akon. Famous artist Grimes also earned $ 6 million from the sale of his NFT collection.

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