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In recent weeks, Nft’s have become increasingly popular, widely adopted and become an ideal way to sell digital art.

A digital demand for ownership, like your home businesses, is not inherently bad as most people claim, although transparent and persistent blockchain technology is encoded into NFTs and marketplaces, according to William Entriken (co-developer and author of an Ethereum-based NFT protocol). . However, he emphasizes that aggressive grip and speculation are not just pushing NFTs, but overall cryptocurrencies on a path of destruction as their carbon footprint is at an all-time high.

Contrary to cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin and carbon offset, William made it clear that bitcoin is the opposite of carbon offset in its current form, the act of paying to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere. Explaining this further, the developer says that every BTC purchased is like buying Carbon Credits.

Calling on Vitalik Buterin and other Ethereum developers to accelerate the ethereum 2.0 upgrade, which will see the transition from an inefficient operating model (PoW) to a very stable and efficient model (PoS) due to the nature of the network, William said that this action will reduce the need for complex and intensive computing and thus a nature-friendly state. announced that it would take.

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