SEC Commissioner Encourages DeFi Projects to Talk to SEC Coinexc

SEC commissioner Hester Peirce, known as the “Crypto Mom” ​​within the cryptocurrency community, encouraged DeFi projects to talk to the SEC.

Speaking to Forbes, Peirce said that due to the large ecosystem, it is extremely difficult to establish a specific rule for DeFi projects. Therefore, he advised the projects to meet with the SEC.

“Especially in the DeFi environment, this is very difficult because there is so much variety. That’s why I encourage individual projects to come and talk to the SEC. Because the conditions really need to be looked at. “

Peirce adds that more clarity needs to be provided as to whether the SEC’s tokens in certain projects will be considered securities.

ETF Issue

In an interview, Peirce also stated that the SEC was too late to approve a Bitcoin (BTC) ETF:

“I think it’s too late to approve one of these.”

Peirce said there are various expectations from crypto enthusiast Garry Gensler and commented on the subject:

“Gensler will have a very busy agenda. Most of them will have nothing to do with crypto money. Therefore, expectations need to be managed well. “

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