Popular Analyst Technically Examines Ethereum (ETH)! “It Will Perform Better Than Bitcoin (BTC)”

Popular cryptocurrency analyst Michael van de Poppe shared his analysis of Ethereum, which he believes will outperform Bitcoin in the coming days, in a recent Youtube video.

As you know, while preparations for scaling Ethereum continue, some analysts comment that Ethereum 2.0 will not be successful and that the user base of Ethereum will shift to platforms such as BNB, DOT and ADA, which are released under the name of “ETH killer”.

The analyst, who thinks that these fears about Ethereum do not reflect the truth, thinks that ETH will perform well in the near future.

Examining Etheruem at BTC parity, the analyst thinks that the 0.0028 and 0.03 satoshi levels are important support levels and could be evaluated for new entry. The analyst said that pulling back to 0.02650 satoshi in a possible fall would not scare him.

The analyst, who stated the ordered resistances in BTC parity as 0.0353 and 0.03760 satoshi, thinks that the rise in Ethereum will accelerate if these zones are exceeded.

Thinking that Ethereum will outperform Bitcoin, the analyst thinks that ETH must guarantee a major breakout before the Ethereum 2.0 process, in order for fears to disappear.

* Not Investment Advice.

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