Home food orders increased in Dubai after Covid-19, the market reached 11 billion euros by euronews

© Reuters. Home food orders increased in Dubai after Covid-19, the market reached 11 billion euros

With the start of the new year, many of us have started to pay more attention to what we eat and choose “healthier” foods.

There are many internationally distinguished restaurants in Dubai that produce all their products. Due to the pandemic, interest in food products that we can consume in our homes has increased considerably recently.

Shuttle service to homes is well developed in Dubai. If you pay the fee, you can order everything from underwear to milk latte at home. However, there are very different pricing policies between companies. Sometimes these numbers can be quite high. You can order many things to homes, such as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The food and beverage sector in the United Arab Emirates has an annual volume of 10.8 billion euros. Many different companies serve in this market such as hotels, restaurants and food order start-ups. At least 60 of the people using smartphones in Dubai have a food ordering app on their phones. About half of these people are actively using these applications.

In the last few weeks, the number of customers who want to detox without consuming animal products and turn to vegan products has increased rapidly.

Roy Koyess
Root’D CEO’su

With the increasing demand of consumers for such services, main course options prepared from fresh foods have increased and they are delivered to your door without cooling. Root’D, a vegan food company, was established in November, already serving more than 100 customers.

Roy Koyess, CEO of Root’D: “In the last few weeks, the number of customers who want to detox without consuming animal products and turn to herbal foods has increased rapidly. The biggest reason for this is that customers who do not consume certain products have seen the health benefits. they chose vegan food by eating things. “

But is there any health benefit in making a diet plan?

Maria Abi Hanna, Dietician: “People are now focused on the holistic approach behind diet, namely the health aspect. So it’s not all about giving or taking calories as before. All nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and the way you eat are now very important. It is necessary to consume herbal-based products. There is a great scientific research behind this. People have started to realize the importance of this. “

Natalie Lindo, Euronews: “One of the rising trends in the industry is ordering kits and menus that you can cook at home.”

Olivia Manner, CEO of Hello Chef: “Today we will cook and eat these large garlic prawns in a pan with other vegetables. It’s low-calorie and very popular. It’s also very quick and easy to prepare. You can prepare this recipe in 20 minutes.”

euronews: That’s what attracts customers. The order menu includes the recipe for preparing the meal, calories, and all the food ingredients.

Olivia Manner: “People usually know 5 or 6 recipes that they used to cook at home since childhood. Then cooking these dishes becomes routine. That’s the charm of our service. Customers learn to cook a new meal every week, and they don’t lag behind the old flavors they are used to.” I can say that the contents of our menu and recipes for the weekend dinners are a little more full. So you have plenty of time and space to cook your own roast on the weekends. “

Monthly menu cost for 1 person in Dubai is between 450-900 euros.

The average subscription fee for a 20-day menu, including breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner in Dubai, ranges from 450 to 900 euros per person. 20-day cooking kits also cost between 250-350 euros. Monthly kitchen expenses vary between 200-300 Euros.

Keith O’Malley-Farrell, Dinner kit customer: “I don’t know how to cook at all. I have been cooking meat and vegetables since I was little in the pan, but this system is completely different. And it’s quite easy. For example, I read the recipe on the first day, forgot it, reread it and cooked it right away. The second. Once I did it, a more professional job emerged. If I tried to buy all the cooking materials myself, I could never cook such a meal. Without this company and service, I would not be able to cook meals with the same taste. So I get away from the shopping event and focus only on cooking. “

Throughout the Covid-19 outbreak, many restaurants offered their customers “on-demand or made-to-order” options such as meal kits. In this way, employees’ contact with food products has been reduced to a minimum.

Jessica & Kurt Davis, customer of Meal Kit: “Everything went well during the quarantine, but our life has become quite a glaze. You know, we wake up in the morning, we work at the table and our food order is coming. It is very comfortable to order food that way. You come home and your meal is ready. For this reason, we prefer to go to open restaurants in Dubai and have our meals out, rather than ordering home on the weekends. “

Experts have little doubts about long-term profitability in this business. However, it is a fact that customers are now turning to healthy products when it comes to food. Lifestyle in Dubai, consumer preferences for food and established order lead this new site.

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