“Bitcoin bull market is far from the end”

Bitcoin (BTC) price, which refreshed record in early March, has been below $ 60,000 for a while. Crypto analyst PlanB thinks Bitcoin still has a lot of room to grow.

PlanB, In his post he shared on Friday and includes one of his stock flow charts “It has only been 4 months since we entered the bull market and we are not even close to the end. Bitcoin is just getting started, ”he said.

YouTuber and derivatives investor Tone Vays also views the macro situation positively, although the possibility of Bitcoin falling to a lower bottom price has not completely disappeared.

“Bitcoin is consolidating, but I continue to look positively on the market,” Vays told Cointelegraph. Although there is a possibility that Bitcoin will decline to the $ 48,000 band, I think we will see over $ 70,000 before June, “he said.

Bitcoin, which rose to $ 61,000 earlier this month, fell to $ 50,000 in the correction it experienced right after. Starting the week with an increase of 3.7 percent, Bitcoin is being traded at around $ 58,300 as of the time of translation broadcast.

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