Grayscale Research Director Announces 5 Cryptocurrencies He Follows Outside of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Phil Bonello, one of the directors of Grayscale company, announced some of the cryptocurrencies they were optimistic about. Here are those crypto coins:

Brave The Brave web browser has grown enormously and is now home to 25 million users. Brave’s own token Basic Attention Token (BAT)Brave continues to increase with updates by opening its own crypto wallet and exchange.

Chainlink Oracle’s are seen as the bottleneck of decentralized applications because it is often difficult to prove the integrity of data outside of the blockchain by decentralized protocols. Also, many applications require strong data streams. Chainlink is the most widely used oracle in decentralized finance and LINK is one of the best performing assets since 2019.

Decentraland Virtual worlds like World of Warcraft or Second Life are very popular, but they are centrally controlled and these platform administrators have extreme power over users. Decentraland offers a digital world that gives users true ownership of digital assets and can be played without being tied to a third party. Finally, the Atari company announced that it was planning to establish a casino on Decentraland. Popular musicians like 3LAU performed on Decentraland. WHERE The token is used for trading in the world of Decentraland.

Filecoin Filecoin is a decentralized storage and distribution network that is trying to get a share of the $ 46 billion cloud storage industry and currently has over 5 petabytes of data storage. Filecoin aims to create an efficient and powerful market for data storage needs by bringing together customers and data storage service providers from all over the world. As video streaming services became more widespread, this market was also on the rise, and more devices started to connect to this network. The currency used by the network FIL and this token is also received as payment by storage providers.

Livepeer – Livepeer is a decentralized video transcoding tool that provides an efficient, flexible and censorship-resistant service in the video broadcast industry, which uses 80% of the bandwidth on the Internet today. Video transcoding is an essential tool for building video streams within decentralized applications, and now Livepeer is the best provider of this service. The token used by Livepeer to ensure the security of their networks and to guarantee the quality of the service provided by service providers. LPT.

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