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Cryptocurrency trader Ben Armstrong lists 5 cheap altcoins that he thinks have great potential.

In a new video, the trader starts his list with the blockchain-based point of sale platform Pundi X (NPXS). Armstrong argues that while it has yet to return to its all-time high in mid-2018, the latest developments will push the altcoin price up.

“NPXS recently announced a staking and token burning that would reduce its supply. For a cryptocurrency with 236 billion tokens, this will help propel the project into a massive altcoin season. “

The next altcoin on the list of the cryptocurrency phenomenon is Holochain (HOT). Armstrong says Holochain’s mission to move technology beyond the blockchain is its biggest selling point:

“[Holochain]is one of the few projects that dare to think beyond blockchain. While blockchain is still an emerging technology, there are definitely some problems in it. “Holochain takes the idea of ​​blockchain and expands it, making Holochain faster and decentralized than anything blockchain has to offer.”

Armstrong also includes the peer-to-peer file sharing platform BitTorrent (BTT) on its list. He says that Altcoin’s growing popularity on TikTok will likely push the price up, although it was relatively uncertain before:

“[BitTorrent] It started with a loud noise, but then turned into obscurity with a sizzle. However, the recent price increase has brought a new life to BitTorrent. But is there more to this than meets the eye? Rumor has it that TikTok has recently been pumping BitTorrent similar to what we saw on Dogecoin.

One thing is for sure: The TikTok crowd loves cheap coins and is therefore in natural harmony with BitTorrent. “

The local token of the scalable blockchain Harmony (ONE) is the next altcoin on Armstrong’s list. Trader argues that Harmony’s fundamentals are his biggest driving force:

“Harmony is a good project and it’s in a pretty good niche especially for now. It aims to solve Ethereum’s scaling issues in the near term long before ETH 2.0 sharding is launched. Harmony is a sharding protocol that comes with an unreliable Ethereum bridge.

That’s why Harmony may have a long way to go while delivering a strong performance. ”

Armstrong completes its list with VeChain (VET), which it believes will rise as a leader in supply chain tracking:

“There is no stronger project in the field of supply chain monitoring … The truth is that VeChain is a solution to a big problem in the world, it has strong fundamentals and powerful techniques and is still under 10 cents.”

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