Meitu Has Invested $ 90 Million In Cryptocurrency Through Coinbase




Coibase continues to intermediate cryptocurrency investments of large companies. The world-famous company helped the Chinese company Meitu invest in crypto money this time. The company invested in Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

Meitu, known for its smartphones and selfie applications, made four crypto money investments in total. The total amount of these investments reached 90 million dollars.

Coinbase did not neglect to make an announcement regarding the issue. In the announcement, it was noted that Coinbase is also responsible for storing Meitu’s crypto coins. Previously, a similar service was made for MicroStrategy.

Meitu’s investment attracted a lot of attention in one aspect. While companies generally prefer to allocate the bulk of their portfolio to Bitcoin, Meitu has allocated a large portion of its portfolio to Ethereum. Ethereum accounts for 50.4 million dollars of the $ 90 million investment made by the company.

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