Morgan Stanley announced that it will offer the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin!

Corporate banking giant Morgan Stanley seems to approve of Bitcoin. The company will allow its customers to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) under certain conditions, according to CNBC news, which is based on information obtained from internal correspondence.

“This giant investment bank, whose managed assets are valued at $ 4 trillion, said in its internal correspondence with financial advisors that it will launch access to three funds that offer the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin.” Access to funds is expected to begin in April.

Mainstream finance’s interest in Bitcoin has grown significantly over the past year. Companies like MicroStrategy, Tesla, and Square bought large amounts of Bitcoin.

Morgan Stanley clients will be able to invest in Bitcoin through the Bitcoin Fund LP, Institutional Bitcoin Fund LP, and FS NYDIG Select Fund. The maximum amount of investment that can be allocated to BTC is set at 2.5 percent of customers’ total assets.

Customers who want to invest in Bitcoin must have accredited investor status, hold at least $ 2 million in capital at Morgan Stanley, and have a specific account history. Each fund has its own minimum investment conditions.

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