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European stock markets completed the last trading day of the week with a decline. The UK index decreased by 1.05% to 6.708.71 points, in Germany the index decreased by 1.05% to 14.621 points, in France the index decreased by 1.07% to 5.997.96 points and in Italy the index decreased by 0.66%. It was pulled back to 24,199.42 points. European stock markets ended the day with sales due to strong course and global inflation concerns.

), due to the worsening coronavirus epidemic in the country, has been reported to suspend automobile production in Brazil for 12 days as of March 24. Brazil is South America’s largest automaker and serves as a key base for the country Volkswagen. The epidemic in Brazil reflects the worst picture of all time, with daily mortality rates.

According to the news published on the Deutsche Welle Turkish website, it was learned that Prime Minister Merkel was in favor of extending the closure measures before the meeting, where representatives of the federal government and state governments planned to be held in Germany on Monday will discuss the measures regarding the coronavirus outbreak. Merkel wants Germany’s closure measures to be extended until April. There is no clear date for how long the measures will remain in effect. For the bill to take effect, it must be approved by state representatives.

Yesterday, US stock markets completed the last trading day of the week with a mixed motion. At the closing, the index increased by 0.71% to 32,627.97 points, the index decreased by 0.12% to 3.910.81 points and the index increased by 0.76% to 13,215.24 points. After the Fed said that it could move above 2% for a temporary period in the medium term, inflation concerns started to come to the fore, causing sales in the stock markets, which are among the risky assets, and we observe that the US 10-year bond interest rates decreased to 1.67%.

The Federal Reserve announced that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will deliver a speech on innovation in the digital age at a Bank for International Settlements conference Monday. The Fed reported that Powell will present to the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee on Tuesday, and will brief on the Coronavirus Aid, Aid and Economic Security Act in front of the Senate Banking Committee on Wednesday.

The Fed, which temporarily changed the SLR to exclude treasury bonds and central bank reserves last year to alleviate tensions in the treasury bond market caused by the coronavirus epidemic and to encourage households and businesses to provide loans, announced that the change will end on March 31, as planned. .

suspends the operations of a factory in Czechia for two weeks due to chip shortage. Spokesperson Shiori Hashimoto said the Kolin plant will suspend operations from Monday, March 22, due to low semiconductor supplies due to production delays following cold weather in the US. The plant assembles the compact vehicle Aygo for the European market. Cold weather in North America also disrupts the supply of petrochemicals and raw materials used in automobile production.

The DAX index closed at 14,621 points, down 1.05% on Friday. As long as the index stays above the level of 14.544, it can maintain its purchasing structure.

Technically speaking, above the 14,673 level, it can rise to 14,800 first and then to 14,931.

Below, below the 14.544 support, first the retreat to 14.407 and then to 14.300 support can be seen.

Dow Jones closed Friday at 32,627.97 points, down 0.71%. Today, we are watching that March futures contracts are almost flat with sellers.

When we look technically, if the 32.775 level above is broken, it may rise to 33.124 and then to 33.330.

Below, below the 32.390 support, there may be decreases towards 32.033 support first and then 31.791 support.

While S&P completed Friday at 3,910.81, down 0.12%, today we are watching that March futures contracts are with buyers.

Technically speaking, if the 3911 resistance above is broken, first the 3921 level and then the 3936 level may rise.

Below, below the support of 3886, first 3864 and then retreats to 3835 can be seen.

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