Good news to Twitter users to send Bitcoin with tweet!

Twitter users will now be able to send Bitcoin (BTC) with a single tweet. Digital payment application Bottlepay announced that it has launched the integrated Bitcoin social media feature.

Twitter users will be able to send Bitcoins to each other using tweets such as “@bottlepay, send @ user 1,000 hours”. The send order can be placed directly in the Twitter app, and the Bitcoin will be sent automatically from user to user.

Bottlepay had raised $ 15 million in the funding round at the end of February. The Bottlepay application can also be used on other social media platforms such as Reddit and Discord. The beta version of the app has attracted 20,000 users without any ads and has processed $ 2.4 million worth of transactions since its launch on February 10.

Considering the surge in bitcoin transaction fees between 2020 and 2021, the suitability of cryptocurrency for a social payment application for daily use may raise questions. Bottlepay can circumvent high transaction fees using Lightning Network.

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