Euro / Dollar – 1.19 May Strain Downwards

– 1.19 may be forced downstream

While the implementation of curfews throughout the EU, especially in France, due to the increasing number of cases and slow vaccination efforts, the parity is kept under pressure, and if the 1.19 – 1.20 band is crossed, the next support level can be specified as 1.1850.

Support: 1,19 – 1,1850 – 1,1760

Resistance: 1,20 – 1,2060

– 1.3850 support will be monitored

After the BoE meeting, there is no significant change, the pair maintains the 1.3850 – 1.40 band. With the decline in global risk appetite, the band is more likely to be forced downwards. However, the UK’s performance in vaccination may come under pressure.

  • Support: 1,3850 – 1,3750 – 1,3690
  • Resistance: 1,40 – 1,4130

Low risk appetite after BoJ

While BoJ has made major market changes throughout the week, with its limited decline and the weakening of risk appetite in Asia, the pair may be forced down in the 108.50-110 band. The tension between the USA and China is also partially effective.

  • Support: 108,50-107,40
  • Resistance: 110

– 1750 resistance can be forced

The recovery effort in precious metals continues despite factors such as the continuation of ETF outflows despite the decrease and the upward movement in the dollar index. For $ 26.20 resistance is critical, below 1720-1750 band may be forced upward, positions must be preserved.

  • Support: 1720 – 1700 – 1685
  • Resistance: 1750 – 1765 – 1800

– Reaction limited after hard fall

While the return of the economy to normal in the USA was priced, the concerns about the demand from China and the potential risk of Europe with the new restrictions caused a sharp decrease in prices. Volatility may increase towards closing at the end of maturity, it is important to stay above 60 in order to continue the reaction.

  • Support: 59,20 – 58,50 – 57
  • Resistance: 61,30 – 62 – 63,20

– Response trials are limited

There is a weak outlook before the last trading day of the week, with profit sales starting near historical peaks. Recovery efforts in futures index contracts may be limited. Volatility will remain high towards the closing due to redemptions in derivatives markets, 3960 became resistance.

  • Support: 3900 – 3860
  • Resistance: 3960 – 3983 – 4000

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