“Bitcoin is too important to ignore”

It has been commented that the Bitcoin (BTC) currency has reached a market value of $ 1 trillion, making it an “too important to ignore” asset. Deutsche Bank analysts, who took the view, stated that the cryptocurrency has “continuous growth potential”.

Deutsche Bank Research, a financial research subsidiary of global banking giant Deutsche Bank, is exclusively prepared for Bitcoin, “The Future of Payments: Series 2 Part III. Bitcoins: Can the Tinkerbell Effect Become a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? 2 Part III. Bitcoin: Could the Tinkerbell Effect Be a Self-fulfilling Prophecy?).

In the 18-page study, Deutsche Bank Research explained Bitcoin’s key features and analyzed its transformation into a $ 1 trillion asset.

Deutsche Bank analysts; He suggested that as long as asset managers and companies continue to be included in the ecosystem, the price of Bitcoin can “continue to rise.” The firm stressed that central banks and governments now “understand that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere” and will therefore be subject to regulations by the end of 2021.

Deutsche Bank Research said that despite its rising valuation, Bitcoin’s expansion as an asset class is “still limited”.

Analysts also predicted that there will be a turning point for BTC in the next “two or three years”, stating that Bitcoin is experiencing “extreme price volatility” in the short term.

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