“If you research it, you’ll know that Bitcoin is better than gold.”

There has been a comment that the Bitcoin (BTC) currency is superior to gold. Hedge fund manager Anthony Scaramucci suggested that investors will admit that Bitcoin is superior if they examine it enough.

SkyBridge Capital CEO Scaramucci told CNBC channel on March 18. in the interviewHe conveyed his belief in Bitcoin for mainstream audiences.

Scaramucci compares Bitcoin to gold: “The world is changing”

With Bitcoin reaching an all-time high in 2021, one wonders whether it is still at par with gold, which has not sufficiently benefited from the massive minting of governments.

When comparing the two assets, Scaramucci emphasized his preference very clearly and argued that gold had been preferred as a store of value for 4,000 years, but nothing lasted forever.

The host emphasized “the world is changing” to Joe Kernen. Scaramucci stated that Bitcoin plays the main role of money technologically:

“It’s better than gold in many ways if you ponder it. An entity that’s easier to store, can move faster, and grows with a reliable network.”

As reported by Cointelegraph, the announcement by banking giant Morgan Stanley to offer Bitcoin investment opportunities to its customers raised the BTC price against the dollar.

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